'Teen Mom 2' spoilers: Is Jenelle Evans quitting the show?


MTV’s “Teen Mom” member Jenelle Evans is reportedly leaving the show. The decision came after Evans had an online feud with her exfianc, Nathan Griffith, who made several appearances in the fifth outing of the show earlier this year. The rift between the two former lovers started when Griffith denied that he and his present girlfriendJessica Henry are engaged even though they continuously hung with each other.

The 23-year-old mom then aimed at MTV which she accused of overshadowing the real essence of the show by including Griffith in the upcoming season 7 when he’s clearly no longer involved in any of the teen moms.

This is not the first time that a cast member of the show has threatened or actually left the program and then eventually came back. Last year, Evans’ good friend Leah Messer also announced that she was leaving the show. It was a good parting though as Messer even wished the remaining cast well and hoped that the show would continue to be good. Weeks later, however, she was back filming for the reality TV show.

Speaking of Messer, it has been reported that the mom of three is suffering from a pill problem. Messer recently shared her sentiments regarding her friend’s battle against addiction and was quoted in saying, “I think she should [discuss her addiction battle], but at the same time, no one can force you to do anything. You have to be ready for it… You can’t force people to go to rehab. If you do force them, they’ll do it like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it to make you happy’ and then they’ll get out and probably do drugs again. They have to be ready themselves.”