Tarek El Moussa announces that stepfather is cancer-free

Tarek and Christina El Moussa. (Facebook/HGTV)

After several controversy-laden months, Tarek El Moussa finally has something positive going on, and he was more than eager to share his happiness in social media.

The co-host of HGTV’s hit series “Flip or Flop” announced on his Instagram account that his stepfather is now cancer-free. The post showed a photo of his stepfather and his two children playing on the beach. The image came with the details of his stepdad’s progress.

“CANCER FREE!!!! As many of you know my step father battled the same cancer I did… and now, after a few rounds of chemo, he is cancer free and in remission!!,” posted El Moussa. “He’s gaining weight… getting his hair back… and back to his old self. Cancer is so scary and the best thing a cancer survivor can hear is in remission!!!! The grandkids love him so much,” he added.

In an interview with PEOPLE last March, El Moussa shared that he talked to his stepdad after the latter was diagnosed with testicular cancer. This is something which El Moussa had also battled just a few years back. Though they suffered from the same type of cancer, his stepdad’s case was different. El Moussa’s stepfather was diagnosed a bit later.

“His is worse through because he waited longer. He knew there was something wrong when he told my mom years ago, but he never went to the doctor. His cancer has spread to his lymph nodes and now he has to do chemotherapy,” shared El Moussa last March.

Meanwhile, Tarek’s ex-wife and “Flip or Flop” co-host Christina El Moussa was recently contacted by Child Services after her one-year-old toddler Brayden fell into their swimming pool last week. A report from TMZ said that the nanny was taking care of the child when the accident happened and the latter was immediately taken out of the pool to safety.

Upon arriving home, the 33-year-old blonde reportedly took her son to the hospital to make sure that he was fine. The Child Services talked to El Moussa in the hospital and no actions were taken against her and the nanny.