Switched at Birth season 5 spoilers: show returns August 24; but who is pregnant and who is the father?


Switched at Birth fans anticipating the story of Bay and Daphne can now find out the subsequent events in a few months’ time as creator Lizzy Weiss announced on Twitter that the premiere of its brand new season will air on August 24.

The series will pick up from the heartaches of Bay (Vanessa Marano) from her breakup with Emmett (Sean Berdy). During season four, we see her struggling to cope with her troubles and sadness. On the other hand, Daphne (Katie Leclerc) is juggling the demands of medical school and her love life.

This new midseason series is said to introduce more complications from an “unexpected pregnancy.” However, there is no clue who gets pregnant and who the father is. If it is Bay, was it that instance when she was taken advantage of at school? Or perhaps a previous involvement from Emmett? Is she excited or anxious regarding this? And if unhappy, can she manage more troubles added to her woes? If, on the other hand, it’s Daphne, can she still take on additional responsibilities aside from her current burden? On top of it all, how will the Kennishes deal with the news?

In a twitter post by series creator Lizzy Weiss, she said that they are currently shooting for a special episode this week. It may pertain to the unexpected pregnancy or a deeper plot as Weiss said that Bay’s assault was meant to entail more complicated things.

However, the series creator also said that it will be awesome and with all these, fans can just hang on to their chairs for a little more with its premiere in three months’ time.

Switched at Birth is a family drama series pertaining to a mistake that swapped two girls, discovered later on in a Chemistry class as Bay’s blood type did not match with either of her parents. The earlier swap changed the lives of both girls forever.