Switched at Birth season 5 spoilers: can Emmet and Bay get back together? Weiss says 'It's not over 'til it's over'


“Switched at Birth” season 4 finale left fans craving for more as the episode ended with Bay and Emmet’s breakups.

Now with the release date of season 5 set on August 24, 2015 as posted by When-Will.Net and the creator Lizzy Weiss’s recent tweets regarding the first episode to be entitled as “To Repel Ghosts,” and saying, “I just wrote the season premiere which is coming THIS SUMMER. What did Kathryn & Toby say? It’s not over ’til it’s over,” people clamor for possible character transformative relationships and developments.

In the last season finale, fans were heartbroken over Emmet putting an end on their relationship despite Bay’s effort of flying to Los Angeles. Even if Emmet made it clear that he wanted to focus on studies, people still hope that he will realize his mistake and will try to win Bay back, International Business Times reports.

One storyline to look out for is Regina’s recent findings that the mother of her boyfriend’s son is still alive. This will add up to their already rocky relationship after Regina doubts the intention of her boyfriend when he tells her to sell the caf.

Another speculation would be a serious relationship developing between Daphne and the playboy, Mingo. After getting a fail in her chemistry class, Daphne’s drive to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor was realized when her friend got into an accident. According to Movie News Guide, another factor adding up to her motivation is Mingo’s persuasion for her to take the class again. This happened after they kissed and even though, Mingo said that he is not looking for serious relationship, it is apparent for fans that he deeply cares for her.

Lastly, as Weiss pointed out, Toby’s character is in jeopardy as he found out that Lily is interested in another man and the musical he wrote with his mother, Kathryn is being turned down by producers.

To answer these questions and to find out more, Weiss advises the fans to watch out as more details will be coming soon.