'Switched at Birth' season 5 spoilers: premiere date finally revealed


Fans can finally mark down their calendars for the much awaited fifth and final season of Freeform’s drama “Switched at Birth.”

Creator Lizzy Weiss took to Twitter to announce the good news. “The 5th & final season of #SwitchedatBirth including our 100th episode airs Tuesday, January 24th,” she posted alongside a photo of the cast as they celebrated the show’s said landmark episode.

During a correspondence with a fan, Weiss also revealed that the new installment will air for 10 weeks before the franchise officially wraps up for good.

It can be recalled that back in the season 4 finale, “And Always Searching for Beauty,” Daphne (Katie Leclerc) and Bay (Vanessa Marano) were spending their time in China when they received a phone call that told them to come home as soon as possible. Although it remains to be seen why they were summoned, it is speculated that things may not be good back at home in Kansas City, Missouri.

Aside from the possible family drama that may take place after the 10-month time jump, the narrative is also expected to tackle other important issues which include examinations of deaf culture, art, identity, ethnicity and socio-economics.

In a previous interview, the showrunner mentioned that they are set to talk about racism in school as the series has “both the ability and the responsibility to tell those stories. We are really trying to be accurate and honest about both sides of the debate,” she added.

A white student will apparently dress up as black rapper Lil Wayne, which will cause outrage from students. Although the intention for the costume is to celebrate the artist, the protesters seem to think otherwise.

“That’s the point in the story where we realized we needed to shift perspective entirely and let our black characters lead their own story. … We see the entire episode from their points of view,” Weiss elaborated.