'Switched at Birth' season 5 news: Bay, Emmett reunion a possibility; cliffhangers to be answered when show returns


A lot of questions need to be answered when “Switched at Birth” returns to ABC next year. The show, in its season 4 finale, unloaded multiple cliffhangers that will get the show’s fans thinking throughout the break.

In the finale, Bay received a mysterious phone call asking her to come back from China. There were also questions that need to be addressed about her relationship with Emmet after they decided to end their relationship for good. It remains uncertain if the two will get back together, but executive producer Lizzy Weiss is not closing the door on the possibility of a reunion.

“You’re right that Emmett set her free for now. And what was really important for that moment, for me, was that Emmett basically apologizes for not standing by her with the Tank episode. He’s just a kid himself, and he had his own set of issues and feelings when that happened with Tank,” she said in a TVLine interview.

She also assured that all the questions will be answered, including what will happen to Daphne and Mingo’s relationship.

In a separate interview with The Wrap, the EP said that when the show comes back, Bay and Daphne will be fresh off a ten-month time jump, which is a good time frame to set roots in the new country before they are uprooted and asked to return to the U.S. It can be recalled that Bay has already started a new career as a tattoo artist in China, while Daphne has already secured a job at a clinic when the season starts out.

“Not everything is fleshed out, but there is a general plan… We had a million ideas [for what the cliffhanger would be], and we may still use a couple of them. There are some stories that I still love and that we may still use,” Weiss added about the upcoming season.