Surface Pro 5 release date, specs rumors: Surface Pro 4's price cut hint upcoming release of Surface Pro 5?


It’s long been rumored that the computer giant will release the successor of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 hybrid series.

Sources have said that Surface Pro 5 will be launched this Feb. 27. Other sources have speculated that it’ll come out in either March 2017 or April 2017. However, nothing has been officially confirmed. Microsoft has not even hinted if there’s any plan to produce a new Surface Pro.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates’ company has recently lowered the price of Surface Pro 4’s Intel Core i5 and m3 series, and it looks like they’re trying to get rid of the older versions. Could this mean that something is set to be released in the following days or months?

It’s been reported that Surface Pro 5 will be built with Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processor Core i7. Having the latest chip, it’s expected that the next generation Surface Pro would be sold in a higher value than the current model.

The Surface Pro 5 price would likely start from $899, with the Intel Core i7 model would be priced at $999. It is also possible that an i7 Extreme Version will be sold for $1500. With this processor development, it’s anticipated that the new Surface Pro model will surpass Apple’s current Macbook and Macbook Pro products.

Some say that Microsoft is just waiting for the latest Windows 10 update, which is known as Creators Update. It’s speculated to be issued in spring 2017. Acquiring the operating system update and Intel’s latest processor would complete the design required for Surface Pro 5.

However, a lot of speculations have indicated that the upcoming hybrid laptop will utilize Qualcomm Snapdragon 635 instead of Intel’s Kaby Lake. It’s been said that the multi-national company is more focused on prolonging the battery life and a possible LTE installation for mobile connectivity, and Qualcomm’s latest version can help with those upgrades.

Furthermore, rumors have it that the Microsoft will use a 4K resolution display screen for the next Surface Pro and a smoother, more responsive Surface Pen.

As of the moment, readers are advised to take everything with a grain of salt since there’s no confirmation from the makers yet.