Surface Pro 4 features to expect: October release eyed but Microsoft still waiting for Skylake chips


As Microsoft prepares to unveil its latest device, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, there is no end to rumors surrounding the specs for the device.

With the launch reportedly happening in October, fans are already hyped about the Surface Pro 4 and Verge tech writer Tom Warren has already given the Surface 4 his seal of approval.

“If you liked the Surface Pro 3 you’ll definitely like the Surface Pro 4. Don’t worry, it won’t be using Core M chips,” he tweeted.

However, the release date may see some delays as it was reported by Forbes that the device will feature Intel’s new Skylake chips.

This, according to the report, will have an impact on the release as it will become dependent on the arrival of the Skylake processors. On the other hand, there may also be the possibility of Microsoft opting for Broadwell chips in consideration for keeping the device slim.

With the device running on the Windows 10 OS, pairing it with the Skylake chips seems like a potent combination, especially since this could mean that users can maximize the life of the device owing to the longer battery life that the device could have.

According to rumors, the device may be sold in two variants one at 12 inches and another at 14 inches. The high end version will cost somewhere around $1,300 and it will come with 4K resolution screen and 16GB of RAM.

The base model on the other hand should cost only around $500. It will have a smaller RAM at 4GB but it will have a powerful 8600 mAh battery, a Type C USB post, and an HDMI port.

In addition, Surface Pro 4 buyers will have a choice from 64GB, 128GB, 256GB or 500GB of storage.

It is also rumored that Microsoft may also launch the Display Cover along with the device. The Display Cover is an accessory that adds eight percent of screen space to the device which could help users who want to multitask without draining their batteries.