'Supernatural' season 12 spoilers: Official trailer features 'Memento'-like scenes, Nazis, British Men of Letters and Lucifer


The official trailer for The CW’s long-running drama “Supernatural” season 12 is here, featuring a rewind of the exciting action that transpired in the previous runs and upcoming events that will take place.

According to TV Line, similar to the iconic “Memento” film, the clip in reverse features moments involving the Winchester brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), on their many escapades sans dialogue. These include their encounters with the British Men of Letters, fight against the devils and Crowley (Mark Sheppard), Castiel (Misha Collins) on his own journey, Hitler and the Nazis on a bunker, and a shot of what appears to be a weeping Lucifer (Rick Springfield).

The clip ends with a final message “Come home,” presumably hinting at the return of Winchester matriarch Mary, to be played by actress Samantha Smith. Aside from the regular cast members, Elizabeth Blackmore and Adam Rose also return as Lady Toni and Aaron Bass, respectively.

It was revealed previously that Rose will appear in episode 5 when the narrative tackles the Fhrer mythology, the protagonists’ battle with Hitler and the comeback of Thule Society.

“[They] want to enact their master plan and bring back Hitler. Sam and Dean are going to fight Hitler, and that’s opening up some interesting doors for us in terms of just doing some more crazy stuff,” showrunner Andrew Dabb said.

Meanwhile, another preview showcases Castiel meeting Mary for the first time. It also explains Lady Toni’s reason for hunting down the brothers. “These American hunters are no better than the monsters they failed to control,” she states.

Season 12 of “Supernatural” is slated to hit the small screen on Thursday, Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. ET. Episode 1 is titled “Keep Calm and Carry On” with the synopsis, “Dean is overwhelmed as he comes face to face with his mom, Mary Winchester. Meanwhile, Sam is fighting for his life after Toni, from the Woman of Letters, shot him.”