Supernatural Season 11: Winchesters won't see eye to eye about killing Amara; Metatron not inclined to help with plan


It seems that the Winchesters won’t be seeing eye to eye about what to do with Amara in Supernatural Season 11’s upcoming sixth episode entitled Our Little World.

In the latest promo for the episode, Dean is shown planning how to get rid of Amara, now that she is gaining more power and sucking the souls of people at an alarming rate. In the teaser, Dean proposes to simply stride into Crowley’s lair and snuff his new ward.

Sam of course, expresses reservation about the plan mainly because of his previous experience in losing his soul. This is expected to cause some classic conflict between the brothers.

But the plan does not seem quite as simple as they might be needing the help of Metatron to deal with the Darkness, which he is not inclined to give.

Based on the episode synopsis, “Castiel seeks Metatron’s help to stop the Darkness. However, Metatron is pretty happy with his new life as a freelance videographer for the local news and isn’t inclined to help the Winchesters or Castiel. Meanwhile, Crowley loses his hold on Amara.”

As the Amara storyline develops, it is also expected that her unique relationship with Dean will be explored. It can be recalled that she has previously promised to “protect” the elder Winchester brother from whatever ominous force that is yet to reveal itself, which makes him very wary of the character.

“It’s not like a voodoo doll or anything like that. We will see… what exactly that relationship is. I don’t think that he knows what to make of it. What it all means and how it’s all going to tie into his destiny and his future and what that means for the brothers, he’s very nervous about,” Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean, said in an interview with TVLine.