'Supernatural' season 11 spoilers: midseason premiere promo promises return of Lucifer, no sign of God


The holiday break doesn’t seem to have any effect on “Supernatural” fans speculating on what will happen when the show returns for its second half next year.

The show recently released it’s latest promo for its midseason premiere titled “The Devil in the Details.” Ir showed Crowley in pajamas and Rowena wearing a Rudolph costume with Lucifer as Santa bursting through the door yelling Merry Christmas.

The promo also showed a montage of Sam in the cage with Lucifer, and then Dean and Castiel all having their own troubles to deal with.

With the fall finale showing Amara kissing Dean and Sam trapped in Lucifer’s cage, foremost in the fans minds are the questions that need to be answered.

Among the questions gathered by Design and Trend is whether or not God even has an intention of showing up. It can be recalled that early in the season, the Darkness was revealed to be God’s sister, but with Amara sucking the souls of innocents and spreading a deadly virus at the start of the season, fans are left wondering what it will take for God to come to the rescue.

Another issue is whether or not Lucifer will finally succeed in making Sam his vessel, this time his ticket out of Hell.

Fans are also wondering whether there will be a romantic connection between Dean and Amara after the latter said that it is their destiny to be together. Now, whether she meant it literally or figuratively remains to be seen.

Lastly, fans are beginning to miss the honorary Winchester, Castiel, since he was not present in the midseason finale. The promo fortunately addresses their worries as Cas will be back in action in the second half of the show.

“Supernatural season 11” will return to The CW on Jan. 20.