Supernatural season 11 episode 8 spoilers: Sam and Dean encounter Sully, Sam's imaginary childhood friend


The coming episode of “Supernatural” season 11 episode 8 will be an encounter with a “monster” of the imaginary kind. The trailer for the upcoming episode, which will air on Dec. 2, teased the show’s fans on the Winchester brothers coming face to face with Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) imaginary childhood friend, Sully (played by “Hello Ladies” star, Nate Torrence). The episode is entitled “Just My Imagination.”

Sully is back in Sam’s—and now in Dean’s (Jensen Ackles)—life to ask for help. According to Entertainment Weekly, Sully was the imaginary friend that Sam made up as a child in an effort to deal with his loneliness whenever his brother Dean and their father went out hunting for monsters and left him alone.

Enstars reveals the episode’s synopsis: “Sam (Jared Padalecki) is shocked when his childhood imaginary friend Sully (guest star Nate Torrence) makes an unexpected appearance. Sam can’t understand why he’d see Sully now but what’s even more surprising is that Dean (Jensen Ackles) can see him, too. Flashbacks reveal young Sam’s friendship with Sully and why he needed him.”

From the teaser trailer, it is not evident why Dean can also see Sully. But the fact is that the two brothers will set aside their search for The Darkness once more to give an old friend a hand.

As the trailer shows a scene where Sully stands over a murdered mermaid and Sully says in a fearful tone, “It’s a blood bath.” The reason for Sully’s appearance is made clear. He fears for his life seeing that other imaginary creatures created by children are being butchered for no apparent reason by some unknown killer.

Episode 8 will see the Winchester brothers take on this task for Sully’s sake, with an inevitable peek into Sam’s life as a child.

The episode is directed by Richard Speight, Jr., and written by Jenny Klein.