'Supernatural' season 12 news: Brothers will return, major changes expected


Sam and Dean Winchester’s journey in saving the world from Demons and Evils spirits is still continuing in season 12 of “Supernatural.” There would be some major changes for the next season based on what happened during the finale of season 11.

During the final episode of this season, the Winchester brothers had to go stake their lives once again save humanity by facing their opponent, Amara. The brothers put most of their effort to prevent Amara in blowing up the dying sun which is a bomb filled with thousands of souls fit into a human being.

At the last moment with their face-off with Amara, Dean had a crazy idea that human bomb should be instead. Fortunately, before that decision happened the brothers were able to convince her to make amends with Amara’s brother, Chuck. Amara agreed and left with Chuck in order to settle some of their issues, and also, the problem regarding the dying sun was also resolved.

Before the “Alpha and Omega” episode ended, they were met with another predicament when they went back to the bunker. Lady Antonia Bevell pointed a gun to Sam believing that he is seen as a danger to humanity and ended up shooting Sam.

The major cliffhanger of the finale was seeing Dean in the woods then hearing a voice that he seems to know which may be their mother, Mary Winchester. It is also still ambiguous with what happened to Sam whether if he is dead again or not.

It is said that the next season might be filled with changes since there would be a new showrunner that will be in charge. The current showrunner, Jeremy Carver has resigned and will be replaced by the two executive producers of the show which are Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb. With this, fans should not be disheartened with the changes since this kind of situation has also happened before. Eric Kripke, the one who created the series, had the responsibility of being the showrunner for five seasons and was then replaced by Sera Gamble. Carver then replaced Gamble as a showrunner.

There are still no announcements with the exact premiere date, but it is rumored to be on October 2016. There is also a change of timeslot for “Supernatural,” it would now air during Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. on the CW.