'Supergirl' season 1 finale news: Kevin Smith teases finale episode that will make fans cry


DC Comics enthusiast and filmmaker Kevin Smith recently teased fans of the hit CBS series “Supergirl” about what they can expect from the upcoming season finale, as well as the events that will cover the storyline of the second season. According to Smith, something will happen in the finale of the season that will make fans “cry” and will have great influence on the second season.

“Supergirl,” throughout its first season, already reached great heights. It repeatedly featured Superman (or at least his silhouette), a young Kal-El and recently confirmed the existence of a TV multiverse when the series did a crossover with “The Flash.” The show is now nearing its season finale, with Non’s plans of executing the “Myriad” slowly coming to a reality. With the season finale at hand, Kevin Smith teased fans of something that will bring them to tears.

In his latest appearance in the Fat Man on Batman podcast, Smith teased big moments in the series for Melissa Benoist as Supergirl.

“The cool part of the show was getting spoiler information about future episodes, because, between the episode that had aired and the episode I was directing, there was like four episodes that I hadn’t seen,” Smith shared. “So they gave me two episodes to watch, and without the special effects done and stuff, so I saw them doing a lot of this s*** and whatnot. And that actually made it less intimidating, because I was like Oh, I can handle this. Just shoot this and they add the effects later on, but they were talking about the crossover in a way that it was the first of many, and they told me something that I’m not going to f****** share because it will ruin the end of the season for you, but it is amazing.”

While he was not able to share anything specific, he was able to share what that something will do to the fans and to the show overall.

“Something’s happening that will affect Supergirl in such a great way, that, you think it’s like cute puppies and f****** kittens now? You are going to cry when you see how beautiful this f****** thing is,” he added.”