'Super Smash Bros.' DLC news: Yoshinori Ono discusses characters, 'Nintendo vs Capcom'


“Street Fighter” franchise game producer Yoshinori Ono revealed in an interview which “Street Fighter” character, aside from Ryu, he would like to see be part of Nintendo’s popular brawler arena game “Super Smash Bros.” for the Wiii U and 3DS. The game producer explained his desire to have character variations for “Street Fighter” characters crossing over to the game, as well as giving hints on a total crossover game between Nintendo and Capcom, which is something similar to the hit crossover fighting game “Marvel vs. Capcom.”

In a recent interview with YouTube channel Street Pass UK, Ono shared the reason why Ryu was the first “Street Fighter” character to be added as a DLC fighter for the brawler game “Super Smash Bros.” According to the producer, “Super Smash Bros.” game creator Masahiro Sakurai wanted a “Street Fighter” character in the game, but he also wanted the “symbol” of the game, which in this case, is Ryu.

As for future additions, Ono said that it may be possible that fans will see melee fighters from “Street Fighter” come instead of another “fireball” character.

“If we were to add more, I’m sure he’d want a non-fireball characterto have some variety from Ryu,” Ono said. “It could be fun to have a grapple character like Zangief and maybe Blanka could be funhe could roll towards the screen and back again. Because he’s not appearing in Street Fighter V at the moment, he has some time on his hands and take a trip to another fighting game. That could be quite fun.”

Ono also talked about not only having characters form “Street Fighter” cross over to “Super Smash Bros.” but having a total crossover gamesomething like “Nintendo vs Capcom.”

“I think it takes a lot of work to get a character from a different series to work in another one,” he shared. “So you know Mr. Sakurai did a lot of work getting, for example, Ryu to fit in with other ‘Super Smash Bros.’ characters. I almost wouldn’t want to pick one and just go with just ‘Street Fighter.’ I’d rather see something like ‘Nintendo vs Capcom’ be made as it will be specifically made for those characters to work that well.”