Super Smash Bros. 4 update v1.0.9 available to download now


Nintendo just released a new patch update for the Wii U version of Super Smash Bro. 4.

The update is now available for download through the Nintendo eShop. While the update does not give any specific new features and/or new in-game content, the Nintendo Support page clearly points out that players need to download the update in order to enjoy the online multiplayer features of the game. With that, it is strongly recommended that all users download and install the patch. The update, patch version 1.0.9, also brings in all other previous updates for users who have missed previous patch releases.

The update patch notes only point out one thing:

Ver. 1.0.9 [Released 07/02/15]

  • Adjustments have been made for a more pleasant gaming experience.

Nintendo also gave a few important notes with regards to the download of the update. Once more, the update is required to access online multiplayer mode for the game. Players need not worry since game save data will still be available even after the update. However, replay data that is saved in the game will no longer be accessible to players once after the update is finished.

To install the latest patch updates on the game, players must first connect their Wii U console to the internet. Then, load the Super Smash Bros. 4 disc on the console, or just load the digital copy if the game was obtained through digital download. Once loaded, the game will automatically download and install all necessary updates. Users who have missed previous updates will have longer download time as there will be more content to download.

To confirm if the patch update is successful, players should be able to see “Ver. 1.0.9” displayed on the bottom right corner of the game’s title screen.

No update is given for the 3DS version of the game, and Nintendo has not release any news with regards to an update for the 3DS version.