Super Smash Bros. 4 DLC update: K.K. Slider hat and outfit for Wii and 3DS platforms; new Mii fighter costume


Special DLC costumes for Mii fighters that are inspired by the Animal Crossing series and the K.K. slider hat and outfit for Mii gunners will soon make their way to Super Smash Bros. 4 for Wii U and 3DS platforms. 

According to Nintendo’s European Official website, the new DLC costumes will come ahead of much anticipated characters like Lucas of the Mother series, which is expected to come out sometime in June. 

Meanwhile, there are reports Shantae, the half genie hero from Wayforward may be one of upcoming DLC additions to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros 4.

The rumor was spawned by Matt Bozon, creative director for Wayforward who posted a photo on his Twitter account showing Shantae merchandise along with other Nintendo characters who are already part of the franchise, reported NicheGamer.

He further solidified the connection by posting “See you Smash.”

SSB4 recently released its first DLC character, Mewtwo, the psychic Pokemon from the popular franchise. The character is equipped with a powerful psystrike maneuver once it is mega evolves into Mewtwo Y for the final smash.

In a related development, Nintendo is currently encouraging gamers to submit suggestions on which characters they want to add to the franchise.

The company recently opened a fighter ballot to provide an avenue for fans to freely pitch their ideas. The ballot did not exclude non Nintendo characters from the submissions and came with the assurance that all of the suggestions will be considered fully by the company, according to VC Post .

Recently, SSB creator Masahiro Sakurai talked to Famitsu and said that the company wanted to involve the fans in the decision making process because they wanted to deliver the type of gaming experience that has the player in mind instead of the money. The interview was translated by Source Gaming. 

Sakurai slammed the practice of some companies charging the customers to “complete what was essentially an unfinished product,” making a business out of selling DLCs which is unfair for the players who paid for a complete game.

According to Sakurai, the case of SSB is different because the roster of characters was finalized years ago and the DLCs are released because of fans’ demands. He said this was the reason they wanted to ask the fans what they wanted from Smash Bros via the ballot was to ensure that they’re getting the characters they want.