'Super Smash Bros. 4' DLC: Lucas from Game Boy's Mother 3 arrives in the new pack


The latest addition to the Super Smash Bros. 4 roster of beloved Nintendo characters has been revealed. In a recent tweet by the official Twitter page of Nintendo of America, the latest DLC character for the game is Lucas, from the 2006 Game Boy Advance game Mother 3. The new character will be available for download starting June 14.

The game is available for download for the 3DS handheld and the Wii U console for only $3.99 each, according to another report. On the other hand, players who have both consoles and wish to buy the DLC for both of them will get a discount as Lucas can be bought for only $4.99 for both the #DS and the Wii U.

Lucas is the main protagonist form the game Mother 3. The GBA game itself, the third and final instalment in the Mother series, had been twelve years in the making before it got released back in 2006. But the game never had an official English translation, which led fans to work on an unofficial English patch themselves which was released two years later, in 2008.

Lucas is the second Mother character to come to Super Smash Bros. 4, with the first being Ness. When Mewtwo (Pokmon) was released as a DLC for Super Smash. Bros. 4, new players who just bought the game got the DLC pack for free for a limited time. However for Lucas, such offer was not made available (yet). The set of custom moves that will be available for Lucas is unknown as of now. But if he will follow what happened to the release of Mewtwo, with the character not having its own set of custom moves, the same may also happen to Lucas.

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