Super Smash Bros 4 DLC more game fun with new confirmed characters Ryu, Roy, and Lucas


This year’s Nintendo’s pre-E3 Super Smash Bros presentation did not disappoint! After tech sites went crazy over the leaked videos (now removed on Youtube with only remaining traces) of Ryu’s victory sequence video plus a slashing Roy video from the same leaked clip stemming from a rumor that has been steadily brewing since April, Super Smash Bros 4 DLC officially revealed to fans that Ryu, Roy, and Lucas will be part of the game. Prior to this Mega Man was licensed by Capcom for Super Smash Bros, reports Engadget.

Fire Emblem’s star Roy and Street Fighter’s Ryu are the later additions for Wii U and 3DS as DLC characters. Game Spot reports that Ryu will have a record 2 finishing moves and these are the most powerful ones in the game. Lucas’ inclusion as DLC character has already been previously reported and was announced by Nintendo of America via Twitter. This character comes from the Game Boy Advance game Mother 3 and was made available to the public last June 14. Lucas followed the first character Ness.

Other goodies were also announced. Ryu and Roy are also included in the bunch who will be getting amiibo toys. There are also new Miiverse costumes for Megaman, Isabelle, Heihachi, Splatoon Inklings, Castle from Street Frighter, Tekken Suzake, and there are other paid stage additions. DreamLand will also be an upcoming stage worth looking forward to, as well as direct Youtube uploads of replays.

iDigitalTimes reported that before this official announcement happened, there was a Twitter user named Random Talking Bush who leaked all these patch updates. The moves of Ryu and Roy plus costume changes were leaked and it spread like wildfire across gaming sites days before the E3 conference. For the update to work, a Smartbros 1.0.8 update is required on the console.