'Super Mario Run' release date rumors: Will it be the best-selling 'Mario' game?


Iconic plumber “Super Mario” is back, and for the first time, in mobile game form.

“Super Mario Run,” like its predecessors, is a game about the adventures of Italian plumber Mario in the fictional Mushroom Kingdom. Mario is the main playable character, but he is also occasionally accompanied by his brother Luigi. For the entire franchise, the usual objective in playing is to rescue Princess Toadstool from the villain character Bowser.

The upcoming mobile game made its surprise appearance during the annual iPhone event organized by Apple back in September. The brief demonstration by the gaming giant Nintendo at the event showcased “Super Mario Run” as side-scrolling, auto-runner platformer.

Despite prior assumptions of total exclusivity, Apple will only have a timed exclusivity over the release of the game, Inquisitr reported.

In a Twitter post last Nov. 15, Apple announced that “Super Mario Run” will be available on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and the iPad Touch.

According to the Independent, Nintendo shares jumped more than five percent after the announcement about the game’s release date for iOS mobile gadgets was made. Investors of the upcoming “Super Mario” mobile game expects large amounts of revenue once the game is released and to possibly ride on the success of Pokemon Go.

In his blog, Kantan Games analyst Serkan Toto have speculated that “Super Mario Run” will be downloaded 1.5 billion times in both iOS and Android user markets “over the lifecycle of the game, worldwide.”

On whether “Super Mario Run” could be the best-selling “Mario” game ever made, a report from IGN predicts that surpassing the sales of “Super Mario Bros.” (released in 1985) at 40.24 million is unlikely.

“Super Mario Run” will be available worldwide on Apple’s App store on Dec. 15 for $9.99. No exact release date for the game’s Android version has been announced yet.