‘Super Mario Odyssey’ box art updated

A screenshot from the game E3 game trailer of "Super Mario Odyssey." (YouTube/Nintendo)

With fans already getting an idea on what to expect with “Super Mario Odyssey,” changes can still take place until the game’s official release later this year.

Twitter user Nibel posted an apparent running change on the game’s box cover. “Nintendo slightly changed the Super Mario Odyssey box art, removing Sombrero Mario for Snorkeling Mario,” posted Nibel.

Moreover, Gamespot also reported that key retailers like Amazon, Target, and Gamestop have also showcased the updated art. On the other hand, Best Buy and Walmart still advertise the old box art cover, the report added.

The original box art featured Mario on the lower left-hand corner, clad in poncho and sombrero, as he stands in the shadow of the bones of a gigantic dinosaur. On the flipside, the new image showed the hero swimming into the middle of the ocean in a stylish swimsuit with a snorkel to boot.

What is confusing is that Nintendo’s official website is still using the old art. This has left observers wondering what the reason for the change could be or when did it originally take place. Despite the apparent update, it is still likely that the game will feature the Sombrero Mario.

Last month, Nintendo’s official Japanese Twitter account announced that the game will not feature a “Game Over” whenever Mario dies. . “When Mario’s physical strength goes to 0 or falls into a crime, 10 coins you have are reduced. However …! No matter how much you make a mistake there is no GAME OVER,” said Nintendo in the post.

Moreover, the game does not feature other traditional Mario staples like lives and 1-ups. The game now features a checkpoint system that allows players to restart their campaign without having to go back to the very beginning. Additionally, players will have an easier time in collecting coins due to its plentiful number.

“Super Mario Odyssey” rolls out on Oct. 27 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.