'Suits' Season 5 finale spoilers, plot rumors: Will see one person going to prison


The highly anticipated season finale of USA Network’s legal drama series “Suits” will have someone going to prison after the decision has been made for arguably the most difficult case the Pearson, Spectre, Litt firm has taken on.

Viewers may remember last week that Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) talked to Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope) about taking one of her deals. It remains to be seen whether he will do jail time and she will not go after the managing partners, or he can go unscathed but he has to tell her one name to prosecute next.

Whatever Mike decides to do, it seems like there is a person still go to be sentenced to prison. In a sneak peek revealed by the network, the tension with the characters seems to rise continuously. The clip opens with Mike saying to Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), “It’s done,” to which the latter quips with, “Nothing’s done” while the words that read “Someone’s going to prison, but who?” flashes by. “Get it through your head, this is on me,” Harvey shouted at Mike.

Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) then said to Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), “Did you admit that you knew about Mike Ross?” While Anita asks Harvey, “You want to cut a different deal with me, I’m all ears.” Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) also has a say on the matter when he told Jessica that “The world is gonna know what you did.” The footage ends with Mike furious with Harvey saying, “I am not letting you go to prison for the crime that I committed.”

Curiously, another promo shows an image of Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) with the caption that reads, “Judgment day is almost here. What’s the verdict?” while another photo has Rachel Zane (Meghan Merkle) seemingly confronting Mike.

Season 5, episode 16 of “Suits” is slated to air on Wednesday, March 2 at 10 P.M. EST.