'Suits' season 6 spoilers: Rachel pregnant with new love interest?


Rumors about the upcoming season 6 of “Suits” suggest that Rachel (Meghan Markle) might end up pregnant with her new love interest, leaving Mike (Patrick J. Adams) alone to deal with the solitude of prison.

When the previous season ended, the finale’s events had Mike take the fall for the team after agreeing to an imprisonment deal with prosecutor Anita (Leslie Hope). Under the belief that the fraud case the team was facing would turn out against them, Mike agreed to go to jail as long as none of the others members of Pearsen Specter Litt would be touched, unaware of the “Not Guilty” consensus by the jury.

Mike then asked Rachel to marry him before going to jail, only to eventually not go through with it. Mike told Rachel that they could instead get married when he gets out if she wanted to, right before heading off to jail.

According to “Suits” home network USA Network, season 6 will pick up straight after the previous season’s finale with other reports suggesting that Rachel will end up in university to continue with her law degree. While there, she will meet ethics professor Dunbar (Malcolm Gets) and possibly fall in love in Mike’s absence.

Rumors then swirled up about that relationship, suggesting that Rachel will get pregnant at some point in the season, possibly with Dunbar. One fan even reached out to series creator Aaron Korsh about it on Twitter, asking “Is Rachel pregnant?”

Korsh replied to the fan with a noncommittal post saying, “That is an excellent question that I will answer by saying it would be an easy way to go…” While it neither confirmed nor denied the rumor, Korsh’s words suggest that the production team thought about it but chose a different route for the story.

Other rumors speculate that Rachel could indeed be pregnant, but Mike is actually the father. Rachel could be carrying Mike’s child without knowing it, which could spell an awkward set of twists and turns come the inevitable revelation of the pregnancy. Mike, who will find out about Rachel’s unfaithfulness, might believe that Rachel’s baby is with Dunbar which will cause a larger rift to form between them until their relationship gets healed by the revelation that it was his baby after all.

However, all of the above are just rumors and speculations. Fans can begin finding out the truth when “Suits” season 6 premieres on Wednesday, July 13 9 P.M. EDT on the USA Network.