'Suits' season 6 spoilers: Patrick J. Adams believes Mike being in prison is good for the show


With only a few weeks left before USA Network’s “Suits” returns to the small screen for season 6, lead star Patrick J. Adams teases what in store for his character Mike Ross as he currently sits inside his prison cell instead of his usual law firm office.

In the season 5 finale, Mike pleaded guilty to a two-year sentence for fraud after practicing law professionally without a degree. In an interview with ABC News, during the show’s recent premiere event in New York City, Adams shared that Mike facing the repercussions of his secret had been built up for the past five seasons.

“So I think it was really brave for them and good for the show to just change it up that much and to not run away,” he stated.

Adams added that he believes the show needed to shake things up after five years of being on the air to avoid repetitive storylines, “You can either double down on what we’ve been doing and just say, ‘This is our show.’ Or you can be pretty ballsy and say, ‘We’re going to switch it up and we’re going to try something new and inject it with some new energy.'”

For fans who think that the smooth-talker with a photographic memory can outsmart the police force and escape his imprisonment, Adams warned that it will not be that easy. The 34-year old actor revealed that they have filmed up to episode 7 already and they have committed to the storyline of Mike staying inside prison.

When asked when he may get out, “We don’t know what’s happening…. We don’t know what’s going to happen until we start shooting,” he replied.

The network took to Twitter to tease the premiere with a flashback of the events leading to Mike’s fateful moment. The clip features a montage of scenes including his supposed wedding to Rachel (Meghan Markle), Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) finding out about the truth, and Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) trying to fire him.

It also showed the first time Mike met Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) as he accidentally applied to become his associate. The caption reads, “Some lies can’t be undone. Mike and the firm deal with the damage when Suits returns.”

Meanwhile, another promo hints that Mike will be having a hard time dealing with the other inmates, while the firm is being sued for all the cases that Mike touched while he was still working.

Season 6 of “Suits” premieres on Wednesday, July 13 at 9 p.m. EST.