'Suits' season 6 spoilers: EP Aaron Korsh shares next installment is 'uncharted territory'


Last week, legal drama “Suits” finally closed its season 5 with a show shaker. Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) fate has finally been decided and it turned out that it would be in prison. While some fans are wondering how Pearson, Specter, Litt will come back from such a huge mess, others are speculating on what the core of the show will be given that it’s working theme has been ruled out.

However, series creator Aaron Korsh cannot wait to return for season 6, revealing that it can be exciting given that the show will go in an “uncharted territory.” In a sit down with TV Line, Korsh gave a glimpse of what the audience can expect from the show next season even before everyone gets to move on from the massive shaker.

Aside from Mike leaving the free world and even girlfriend Rachel (Meghan Marhkle), the firm will also be suffering from the consequences of Mike and Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) mistake.

Last week, it was reported that Markle and Macht talked to Korsh about the original ending of the installment, both in unison that they did not think that the finale somehow was as impactful as the last six episodes were building it to be. Now that everyone has seen how season 5 ended, it is interesting to find out how the alternative ending is like.

“Moving forward, we decided, ‘Let’s pick something that’s incredibly impactful. Let’s shatter everything and see how we, as writers, and our characters can pick up the pieces.’ That’s what Season 6 is going to be about,” Korsh revealed.

“Obviously, [there will be] new characters in prison. We’re going to have new people who are interacting in whatever firm setting we end up landing on,” he continued.

“But in addition to that, we’re allowing for the addition of some humor back into the show. The last six [episodes], we were very serious. The stakes were very high… We don’t have that hanging over our head anymore, so it allows us to tell some funny stories again, which we, as writers, have been missing and the fans have been missing,” Korsh finished.