Suits season 5 spoilers: time of change for Harvey; Rick Hoffman shares that Louis Litt might not be happy; cameo appearance by former NBA player Charles Barkley


USA Network’s law drama, “Suits,” is set to return for season five on June 24 and while there is no official trailer released yet, anticipation began to rise as some details of what is in store for the new season have been revealed.

In an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic, Gabriel Macht who plays Harvey Specter and Rick Hoffman who portrays Louis Litt, shared their thoughts and provided some hints on the upcoming season.

When asked by the interviewer if the new episode will be as dramatic as previous ones, “I would say that the writers once again take no prisoners, and you think when it’s gonna get sort of redundant and repetitive, they kinda not only make the audience more and more compelled to watch but they also kinda shocked us,” Hoffman said.

When the interviewer asked if Louis will be happy on this season that he now gets what he wants, Hoffman said, “Does Louis have really, is he really happy with what he wants? He’s one of those guys. It’s heart-breaking to play a guy like that,” the interview shared.

While Macht added the exciting revelation that his character will face some changes, “For the record, I think Harvey goes through multiple changes this year. There’ll be some nightmares and some attacks, anxiety attacks. So we got a lot of room to play this year.”

It is also confirmed that Charles Barkley, the former NBA All-Star player and host of “Inside the NBA,” will appear on the third episode of the new season, The Hollywood Reporter shares. According to the report, Barkley publicly mentioned his support of the show and when this information reached the showrunner Aaron Kosch, Barkley was offered to come to Canada to film and do a cameo.

Barkley will appear as one of Harvey’s clients who will help them out of a problematic situation, the report notes.