'Suits' season 5 news: USA Network sets poll on who viewers think tipped-off Mike Ross' secret


Fans have seen during the mid-season finale of USA Network’s legal comedy-drama “Suits” that in a heart-wrenching twist of fate, Mike Ross was put in handcuffs the day he decided to quit being a fraudulent lawyer. Speculations have it that Season 5B will focus on his case, with Harvey Specter trying to save his neck.

Although Harvey already said goodbye in order to save the Pearson Specter Litt law firm, the recently released sneak peek showed that he will be Mike’s lawyer as he said, “First thing we need to figure out is who tipped them off.”

There are plenty of possible culprits and the network has been revealing each person’s motive in doing so with a set of promotional images with the hashtag “#WhoSoldMikeOut.” The first one is Jessica Pearson who is said to have went through hell and back to keep the secret. Jessica was followed by Claire Bowden who threatened Rachel Zane in telling the DA about the information.

Father Parker who had a chance of turning in Mike before is also a suspect. However, it is also probable that it may be two-faced Jack Soloff’s plan all along when he nominated him for junior partner. On the other hand, Dana Scott, whose heart was broken by Harvey after he told her the truth, may be the one responsible.

In order to engage fans on who they think is the person behind the act, they are encourage to vote on the official site where an array of characters are listed such as Cameron Dennis, Charles Frostman, Daniel Hardman, Dr. Paula Agard, Eric Woodall, Harold, Jeff Malone, Jenny Griffith, Jimmy, Jonathan Sidwell, Katrina Bennett, Laura Zane, Louis Litt, Professor Gerard, Robert Zane, Sean Cahill, Sheila Sazs, Tony Gionopoulus, Travis Tanner, and Trevor Evans. Interestingly, Harvey and Rachel are also included.

Episode 11 of season 5 titled “Blowback” is slated to air on Jan. 26, 2016.