'Suits' season 5 news: Leslie Hope joins the show as Atty. Anita Gibbs, will put Mike in prison


It has been a couple of months, and fans of USA Network’s “Suits” are dying to know who sold Mike (Patrick J. Adams) out. This has been the story as Mike was seen being escorted by officers outside of the Pearson, Specter, Litt building as his fiance, Rachel (Meghan Markle) watched, stunned. It was not the best time as Mike just delivered his resignation letter to Harvey (Gabriel Macht) which the latter acknowledged. The two even hugged it out to commence a very good run as Batman and Robin of the firm.

Now, when the show comes back next year, the big question will finally be answered. There are numerous suspects given that through the years, Mike and Harvey have made quite a few enemies.

Fortunately, the show’s creator, Aaron Korsh, already confirmed that the suspect is not one of the main leads of the show. With this, it will be fun to see everyone trying to help Mike especially when the show had some internal rifts in the past few episodes.

Episode 11 of season 5, titled “Blowback” will allegedly deal with some back story of Harvey and Mike. Furthermore, a new character in Assistant U.S. Attorney Anita Gibbs, who will be played by actress Leslie Hope, will make things more complicated as she will make Harvey work if he wants Mike out of prison as soon as possible.

In the new teaser for the show, Gibbs could be seen being hard on Mike. She was so confident that she declared that she would be the one who would put Mike in prison.

“Gibbs is a fascinating character because you want to take her for the villain in this story; she’s coming after these characters that hopefully by this point our fans know and love. But at the same time she’s doing something in the right. Mike and Harvey have pulled the wool over the eyes of all the people that they’ve worked for,” Adams shared with The Hollywood Reporter

“Suits” season 5 will come back with new episodes on Jan. 27 on USA Network.