'Suits' season 5 news: Gabriel Macht talks Harvey-Donna relationship, future seasons


“Suits” star Gabriel Macht, who plays the role of dashing lawyer Harvey Specter,, had been with his series co-star Sarah Rafferty, who plays her secretary Donna Paulsen for the entire span of the seriessave for a short while when Donna worked for Louis. In the series, Donna and Harvey had been like an inseparable duo, which led to the question if they are really just who they are showing they are, or are there any hidden feelings that fans will be seeing unfold sometime soon?

In a recent interview with Fox News, Gabriel Macht talked about the real thing about the Harvey and Donna relationship, and if he thinks they will ever have more than whatever they have right now. According to the actor, if it were up to him it would not be too likely to happen.

“I see them as having a one-time fling and I know it can be perceived by some fans that these people are secretly in love with each other and may be not dealing with it, but I see them as, you know, Donna is Harvey’s right-hand woman,” Macht said.

The actor also gave his viewpoint on why he thinks Harvey Specter had been one of the most appealing characters in the series.

“The appeal of [playing] the guy with hidden strengths and many, many flaws has become something that fans from around the world can relate to this guy in some way,” he shared. “Whether it’s the aspirational version or just the person that they relate to. So, it’s been a joy for me to get inside of this guy and make him as complicated and complex as we can.”

According to Macht, his time on being with the character of Harvey Specter depends on how fans would want to see the character deal with his struggles in life.

“As long as the fans are watching and they want to continue to see the family of characters and how we all deal with each other, we’ll go on.”

“Suits” will air its final two episodes of the season on the next two Wednesdays.