Suits season 5 episode 11 spoilers: 'Blowback' has Mike in the hot seat; Donna to start seeing someone else


The midseason finale of USA Network’s legal drama, “Suits” has come to a heart-thumping cliffhanger where virtually anything can happen afterwards.

With Mike Ross being arrested and Harvey Specter’s resignation to the firm, episode 11 titled “Blowback” is speculated to shed light on who outed the former and if the latter will continue with his decision or return to save his trusted junior partner.

Executive producer Aaron Korsh told Yahoo! TV that they were planning to have a time jump when the series returns for the remaining episodes but decided that they will instead pick up where they left off, “Mike is on the hot seat, so is everybody else in the back six. Episode 511 is called “Blowback” that would be a good thematic title for the last six. I feel like this is a course-change for Suits.”

However, he added that they are still deciding on what happens to Jessica and Harvey now, “So Mike’s arrest is definitely gonna change the trajectory of what would’ve happened had Mike not been arrested, had they just moved on. We’re still working that out.”

Although almost everyone at Pearson Specter Litt will be affected by the sudden twist of events, Donna will find herself having a new love interest.

Korsh teased to TV Line that in order for her to move on from Harvey, she will start to see someone else and it will be interesting to see how he reacts with the progress made from his therapy sessions with Dr. Paula Agard.

Fans who may be wondering if his former secretary was only masking her emotions in order for Harvey to believe she does not have any feelings for him anymore, “She was not lying. I do not think Donna would do that. But it’s possible that, since then, they’ve broken up… it remains to be seen how important that relationship ends up being,” Korsh answered.

Next episode of Suits is slated to air sometime in 2016.