Suits season 5: Donna may not be over Harvey, but is Harvey already over her? New female character Dr Paula Agard to have big impact


USA hit legal drama Suits is gearing up for its all new and fifth season. As fans have been left with some very big plot developments at the finale of the fourth season, everyone is now very eager to get to know what’s next for the people at Pearson SpecterLitt.

It was previously reported that the much anticipated Mike-Rachel wedding may not happen in season 5 after all, possibly because of the involvement of Rachel’s father, Robert Zane. Robert seemed to be all-cool with Mike previously, but what happened? Reports said that he would get involved between them “legally”. Does this hint that he would be the next person to know Mike’s secret?

As for Donna, who at the end of season 4 decided to leave Harvey and work for Louis instead, following a great personal tragedy, she may not have moved on after all.

The latest promotional poster for the upcoming season shows the Pearson Specter Litt team in an office room, saying “people in glass offices shouldn’t throw stones”.

Donna is shown fixing her eyes on Harvey, while the fan-favorite badass lawyer is looking far awayaway from Donna. Is Harvey already over Donna? Maybe, or maybe not. But one thing is for surea new female character will come to the series that will have a great impact on Harvey’s life in season 5. She is Dr. Paula Agard (Christina Cole), who is described as the “perfect match” for him.

“Maybe she’s not fully ready to give up on that relationship to change her life that much, said series creator Aaron Korsh through TV Guide. “Sometimes you just make a decision in a moment”.

Will fans get to see Donna and Harvey working together again? What of Louis then? What’s in store for Mike and Rachel as a couple? And will Mike still be able to keep his secret safe?

Suits returns for its fifth season to USA Wednesday, June 24.