Street Fighter V: Reports claim Capcom may have censored some of the gameplay's risqu moves


It seems like Capcom is toning down some of the risqu moves and provocative imagery that have been part of the gameplay of their widely popular fighting series “Street Fighter V.”

According to Shoryuken, the most recent footage shared by IGN shows that the character of R. Mika who has a revealing outfit and signature finishing move called German Suplex, seems like it has been altered to remove the arguably controversial butt slap the fighter does with partner Nadeshiko as they slam into their enemy.

After the beta update, the angle of the camera is said to not focus on the move anymore with their foe not doing the splits but only implies what may be happening with the tag team off the screen.

Another observation points to Cammy’s entrance to arena where her iconic leotard has her crotch area being shown to the camera. Although the change is not as noticeable as R. Mika’s, when compared to the original version, the change in the viewpoint of the cinematics make the scene look like it has been censored.

Eurogamer notes that another modification affects how players select characters on the roster.  The current build also seems to have removed the “boob jiggle” of female characters.

The report shared that the boob jiggle may have been a bug. During Paris Games Week, they have asked Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono whether fan-favorite character Chun-Li will get a bra, to which he humorously replied, “She’s at a Marks & Spencer as we speak, picking one up that fits her. By the time the game comes out, she’ll be comporting herself. Yeah, she’ll be sorted out by the time you see her.”

It remains to be seen what Capcom will decide to change before the touted release of Street Fighter V next year across platforms such as Playstation 4 and PC.