'Street Fighter V' news: SCE Japan reveals special edition consoles, artwork by 'One Punch Man' artist


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan will be releasing a set of special edition PlayStation 4 consoles that will coincide with the release of the upcoming new fighting title from Capcom, “Street Fighter V.” The set of special edition consoles will feature exclusive design inspired by the upcoming game and an exclusive artwork by “One Punch Man” artist Yusuke Murata.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan recently unveiled its set of new special edition PlayStation 4 consoles with designs inspired by the upcoming fighting game “Street Fighter V.” The special edition consoles, so far, will only sell Jn japan and will be available starting on Feb. 18, the same day the main game releases. It is worth noting that these special edition consoles will not be coming with a copy of the game.

There are a total of four different special edition PlayStation 4 console variants that will be available. First off is the PlayStation 4 “Street Fighter V” Edition, a Glacier White console with the official “Street Fighter V” game logo printed on the console’s HDD bay.

Next is the Ryu Edition, a PS4 console in black featuring an artwork of Ryu with the official game logo printed on the HDD bay.

The Chun-Li & Laura Edition will feature an artwork of classic character Chun-Li with Laura, one of the new characters coming to the game. Similarly, the Ryu and Necalli will be featuring artwork of Ryu and the new fighter Necalli. Both of these editions will be coming with a free exclusive artwork of “One Punch Man” artist Yusuke Murata.

All of the four PlayStation 4 “Street Fighter V” editions will be coming with an Original Sleeve for the console. Each console will be available for 37,480 Yen plus applicable tax.

“Street Fighter V” releases in Japan on Feb. 18. It will be released in the North American and the European regions on Feb. 16. It will be available for the PS4 and PC.