'Street Fighter V' news: Capcom Pro Tour locations and new character names revealed by game files


Following the recent conclusion of the beta testing period of Capcom’s upcoming game “Street Fighter V”, new details pointing to possible post-launch characters, as well as events and current character skins have been data mined by users form the PC version of the game.

As reported by fan site Shoryuken, a member of their forums by the username AceKombat was able to extract audio files from the PC version of the game, and it reveals possible major details as to the Capcom Pro Tour coming to “Street Fighter V”, and seven more characters coming to the gameone is expected to be a new character that will be revealed before it finally launches, and the six are expected to be the six post-launch DLC characters that were previously announced.

First off, audio files of the voice of the game announcer covering the Capcom Pro Tour were found. In the audio files, the announcer also mentions the host country where a certain event is being heldfor example, there are files saying “KO Fighting Game Festival Kuwait”, “Milan Games Week Italy”, and many more. The event’s Final Round is set in USA.

Files of the announcer saying characters names, on the other hands, revealed what is expected to be the final new character that is left to be announceda certain “Fan” (or “Fun”). Six other characters that are yet unannounced have also been spottedBalrog, Alex, Ibuki, Juri, Urien, and Guile.

The six mentioned characters are expected to be the characters that were promised by Capcom as post-launch DLCs. They will be completely free, obtainable by players through constant playing and can be bought via the awarded Fight Money. Players who wish to go the easy way can also get the DLC characters with real money via in-game miscrotransactions.

“Street Fighter V” will come to the PS4 and PC on February 16, 2016.