'Street Fighter V' news: Capcom issues temporary penalty to rage quitters


Capcom recently shared new details as to how the game developer would penalize rage quitters on their newest fighting game “Street Fighter V.” The solution the company will offer is, as they had admitted, one that will only work for a short term period, as they are still working on determining a penalty mechanic that will be the permanent countermeasure for players who ruin the gameplay experience of others by quitting the match while it’s ongoing, or shortly before it ends.

People who rage quit in a match that they are bound to lossand this will get a loss point on their record and a reduction on their League Pointshave been in the radar of Capcom for quite some time now. However, the participation of the active “Street Fighter V” community helped in determining abusive players that have unusually high disconnect rates in their gameplay record.

“Ever since last week, we’ve received a ton of videos both here on Unity and our social channels which we’ve been able to cross reference with our data and put together a clear picture as to which players are abusing the system,” Capcom said. “Though we were pretty confident that players in our system who had high disconnect rates were indeed those who were attempting to avoid a loss at all costs, we didn’t want to start dishing out any punishments without clear proof.”

Now, Capcom announced that they have developed a method of determining players who are rage quitters, and they will be penalizing such players in a weekly basis.

According to them, more than 30 players have been given penalties already. Some players will see that their League Points have dropped a significant value. Also, players who have abnormally high disconnect rates, particularly at the end of the match, will have their League Points reset.

Capcom is currently working on a permanent fix to this issue.

However, players who have been experiencing real connection issues need not worry, as Capcom said that to be called a “rage quitter,” the players must have at least 80 percent to 90 percent disconnection rates.