'Street Fighter V' game updates: Yoshinori Ono explains why Sagat is not in the new game


Capcom’s newest installment to their classic fighting game franchise, “Street Fighter V,” is all set for release next year. The roster of initial characters is complete, the DLC plans are announced, and it even comes with a live-action web series that ties-in with the film. However, there is one character that had been noticeably absent in the roster of fightersSagat.

In a recent interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsuwith translations courtesy of SiliconeraYoshinori Ono explained that the reason why Sagat was not found in any of the plans for characters coming to the game is that he is too “similar” with other current characters. Capcom intends to have diversity in characters, not just quantity.

“It’s because there are many characters that perform similarly,” Ono said. “For this launch and its next update, we wanted to have a good balance of characters. Since we didn’t want to just blindly increase the number of characters, it was a bitter decision that had to be made.”

However, it doesn’t mean that Sagatand other classic characters from the “Street Fighter” franchise that are currently not in the game planswould never get the chance to come to “Street Fighter V” as Ono said that they would be adding more characters in the future.

“I understand that there are also many who wish to see other characters besides Sagat, such as Blanka and more,” he continued. “There’s a possibility that we may add more characters in some form later, so please look forward to that.”

Recently, Capcom announced that they will once again work with Machinima to release a new “Streetf Fighter” web series. The new live-action series will be titled “Street Fighter: Resurrection,” which tells the story of Charlie Nashsomeone who recently and mysteriously came back from the dead. The character of Charlie will be played by actor Alain Mousi.

“Street Fighter V” releases for the PS4 and PC on Feb. 16, 2016.