'Street Fighter V' release date, news: original character Dhalsim to return; six new characters to make their debut


Fans of the “Street Fighter” game franchise will be excited to know that “Street Fighter V” has been confirmed for release on Feb. 16, 2016 in North America.

Capcom’s Peter Rosas wrote on the PlayStation.Blog last Oct. 27 that the announcement was made during the Paris Game Week.

“Street Fighter V is moving away from doing large bundles of post launch content, such as our prior Super or Ultra upgrades, and instead will be continuously releasing new post-launch content on a regular basis. No longer will you need to wait one or two years for new Street Fighter goodness; it will always be right around the corner,” he explained. 

What’s more, six additional characters will be released after the launch of the game. This will bring the total number of playable characters to 22 by the start of 2017. According to Rosas, a new character will be unveiled every two months or so. The new characters can be purchased with Fight Money, and this can be earned through different ways. 

One method is to accomplish daily goals. Every day, players need to log in into the “Street Fighter V” client. Based on the blog post, an example of a daily goal is landing a specific number of attacks or crush-counter hits.

“We want a system that rewards frequency of play, rather than requiring long marathon grinding sessions,” Rosas added.

The other way to get Fight Money is to level up individual characters through single-player or multiplayer modes. However, players should know that leveling up a character will not affect the skills of the character or game balance. Increasing the level only means that the character is used frequently. 

Dhalsim, one of the original characters, will return in “Street Fighter V.” Known for his long-range limbs that can attack enemies no matter where they are, Dhalsim will have skills such as V-Skill (Yoga Float) and his V-Trigger (Yoga Burner).

No details about the cost of the game have been released yet.