'Street Fighter V' news: Capcom looking to attract 'newer, younger' audience, eSports spotlight


Unlike other installments in the “Street Fighter” game series, “Street Fighter V,” the upcoming game from Capcom, will not be followed by spin-offs such as the previous “Ultra Street Fighter IV” or “Super Street Fighter IV” for the “Street Fighter IV” base game.  

“You won’t get ‘Super Street Fighter V’ or ‘Ultra Street Fighter V.’ It will just be that core release, which will hopefully make it more accessible, so people aren’t questioning which version they have to buy,” Capcom EMEA Brand Manager Brian Ayers said in a recent interview with MCV UK

Since the game will no longer have a future spin-off variant release, fans and players can rest assured that despite the game having microtransactions and new content along the way in the future, only single purchase of the game disc (or a single main game digital download) will be needed.

Ayers explained how Capcom is changing their approach with the new “Street Fighter V,” as they aim not only to bring back players but also to attract new ones to the game. 

“The ambitions with ‘Street Fighter V’ were to make the game approachable and accessible again,” said Ayers, “but also to make everything with the characters feel a lot more individual and bring out more chances for people to find the right competitor that suits them. We really hope that ‘Street Fighter V’ can bring in a newer, younger audience.” 

Also, the game company aims for the “Street Fighter” franchise to go along with its competitor fighting titles in becoming a game that is more competitive on a professional gaming level for “Street Fighter” to make its name known more in the world of eSports. 

“Perhaps more of an eSports audience, as well,” Ayers added. “‘Street Fighter’ is actually one of the first eSports titles out there, but it’s relatively underground compared to the likes of ‘Dota 2’ and ‘League of Legends.'” 

Capcom previously said that they will be releasing six characters post-launch, all obtainable in-game via the Fight Money currency or with real money via microtransactions.

Fight Money can be obtained by completing Daily Goals and leveling up fighters in the game. This means that players need to be really active if they want to get a hold of those DLC characters for free.

“Street Fighter V” comes to the PS4 and PC on Feb. 16, 2016.