'Street Fighter' game news: Capcom details Ken's new look, move sets


The much awaited “Street Fighter V” is only weeks from its release. With the new game will come a new roster of fightersold ones returning, new ones joining the fight for the first time, and classic fan favorite characters getting major overhauls specifically Ken Masters.

Ken has been a part of the “Street Fighter” franchise since the game’s earliest years, and has been a fan favorite not only on the franchise’s main games but as well as in crossover editions. Now, for “Street Fighter V,” Ken has been revealed to be sporting a totally different look compared to the classic look he had all these yearsKen now has longer hair and a different outfit.

Capcom recently shed light on their decision to apply a major design overhaul to Ken Masters’ character. In a recent interview with IGN at PAX South, Capcom brand manager Mike Lunn addressed comments that Ken’s new look for the upcoming “Street Fighter V” is “so weird.”

“Ken looks fine,” he answered with a laugh. “People say he looks a little bit different. He looks a little bit different, his hair is a little bit different; he now has that kind of sporty shirt on as well.”

But according to him, his look is not the only one that they reinvented. Ken’s gameplay and move sets have also been tweaked a little. The reason for this, according to the Capcom official, is for Ken Masters to finally be able to distinguish himself apart from being just the “red” version of the franchise’s main character, Ryu.

“Not only that, but we made him play a lot different as well,” Lunn continued. “So I think the team wanted to separate the two a little more, so it wasn’t a ‘white ninja dude, red ninja dude.'”

“Street Fighter V” will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PC on Feb. 16.