'Stranger Things' season 2: Show creators Matt and Ross Duffer talk about plans for new season


In just a few weeks, Netflix’s new series, “Stranger Things,” became an instant hit as the ’80s inspired horror-thriller show followed the disappearance of a 12-year-old boy in a small town in Indiana and the strange things that happened there. The show also featured Winona Ryder’s comeback after the queen of the ’90s took a break from mainstream culture. Now, fans cannot wait for a second season of the series, and based to the positive response to the show, it looks like season 2 might be in the cards for “Stranger Things.”

At the Television Critics Association press tour last week, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said that it was important to give the first season of the show time to sit.

“We always want to take some time to be thoughtful about the process,” said Sarandos (via The Hollywood Reporter). “When we first come out of the gate with something, we have an idea where it’s going to go but it’s sensible for us to let the show breathe.” Sarandos added that viewers are falling in love with the show and that everyone should focus on season 1 for the meantime.

Show creators and brothers Matt and Ross Duffer also talked about their plans for a possible season 2 at the press tour, saying that the repercussions of Will (Noah Schnapp) living in the Upside-Down dimension for a week would not be good. The first season ended with a cliffhanger, as Will, who was rescued by his mother, Joyce (Ryder), from the Upside-Down dimension, coughed up a slug and briefly saw the world like the Upside-Down one month after he returned.

“So a lot of it is exploring that, and this interdimensional rift is still very much open so that can’t be good,” said Ross about a potential second season.

The Duffer brothers also spoke with Collider and said that though they would introduce some new characters in season 2, they will still follow the group featured in season 1.

“We fell in love with the kids and all of our actors, so we want to stay with them,” Matt told Collider. “I think we’ll have a lot of fun, if they let us do it.”

Netflix has yet to renew “Stranger Things” for season 2.