'Stranger Things' season 2 release date news, spoilers: Eleven, new characters to appear next season


New information on the breakthrough Netflix’ series “Stranger Things” has been revealed. 

It was announced recently that there is a new actor joining the cast of “Stranger Things. According to The Hollywood Reporter, comedian Brett Gelman will be joining the cast of the breakthrough drama. He will play Murray Bauman, a conspiracy theorist who is looking into the mysteries happening behind Hawkins.

Gelman will be in the cast alongside other new actors who were previously announced by Entertainment Weekly. Sean Astin will be playing Bob Newby, a nerd who used to go to school with Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Jim (David Harbour). Bob works at RadioShack and is rumored to have a significant role in the next season.

Linnea Berthelsen will be in the next season as one of the new characters. Her character will be named Roman, a young woman who is mysteriously connected to the events in Hawkins. Paul Reiser is also set to appear as Dr. Owens, an officer in the Department of Energy who is allegedly tasked to wipe out information of the events that happened last year.

In the finale, Jim, Hawkins chief of police, was seen putting Eggo waffles in a small box in the woods. Eggo waffles was very significant in the show because it is Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) favorite food. Eleven was introduced as a kid who had psychokinetic abilities who was forced to help a group of kids to help find their friend, Will Byers (Noah Schnapp).

Eleven was deemed dead in the season finale of “Stranger Things” after she turned to ashes during her encounter with the Demogorgon. However, there are rumors circulating that she will be making an appearance in the next season. No guarantees yet but it is possible that she will be seen in the flashbacks, and in an encounter with her mother on the seventh episode of season 2. Fans are still hoping that she is still alive and will be coming back in the next chapter. 

It can be recalled that Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) had a mysterious agreement with Hopper in the last few shows last episodes. There are theories that Hopper will be acting as a double agent in the next season. Reasons are still unknown, but there are predictions that he will be doing this to find Eleven.  

“Stranger Things” season 2 is slated to premiere in July 2017.