'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' star Stevie J spared prison time despite flunked drug test


Steven Aaron Jordan, who is also known by the moniker Stevie J, was spared from prison time albeit reports that the musician tested positive in the recent series of substance abuse exams conducted on him. Not to mention that the prosecution also argues that the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star skipped some of its drug testing and counseling sessions that were adjured by the court after posting bail early on.

The reality TV star divulged to pressmen that he still is into cocaine despite the fact that he’s under probation. Despite the alleged admission, the rapper was ordered a month of rehabilitation to be followed by an extensive series of medication. In addition, Stevie J will be strapped with a global positioning tracker while detained inside their residence.

Moreover, there were even reports suggesting that after the verdict was given, Stevie J reportedly called on the prosecutor and asked the latter if he wants to have a word with him.

Stevie J further explained that he and the prosecutor are both grown men and added that the latter is making assertions that would cause him his family. Furthermore, the rapper was also quoted that he and the lawyer could have a so-called heart to heart talk which everybody who have heard it knew what he meant by that.

Meanwhile, it was also noted that her daughter was with him during the reading of his verdict. The rapper even tweeted a photo of himself and his daughter thanking the latter for such gesture. Furthermore, his partner and purported spouse, Joseline Hernandez, is now sporting a baby bump, and he pointed out that he’s the culprit since there are rumor mills spinning that it’s otherwise.

Aside from the drug charges that are pressed against him, the musician is also reported to be facing child support raps amounting to $1 million that he failed to provide for his children over the years.