'Steven Universe' season 4 spoilers: Steven, Greg heads back to Earth; Connie, Lapis, and Peridot to get in trouble


The young Steven has finally seen his father, Greg, and took him out of the Zoo. Now, they have to get back to Earth, and they need the Crystal Gems’ Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl help and some magic.

As noted in the 15th episode of “Steven Universe,” the father and son duo was held captive by Amethyst’s guards. It turned out it was part of Amethyst’s escape plan.

Amethyst has learned her full name as “Facet 5 Cut 8XM.” She explained that the Quartz Gems, created by Prime and Beta Kindergarten, are from Earth. Holly Blue Agate came and ordered the earthly Gems to get back to work for Blue Diamond has returned. Amethyst told them to escape.

Meanwhile, Steven and Greg were hiding in Pink Diamond’s throne room which was filled with bubbled Gemstones. Blue Diamond entered the room with Blue Pearl, and she is shown to be grieving. Yellow Diamond, with Yellow Pearl, came shortly after.

Yellow Pearl tried to convince Blue Diamond to stop grieving and to destroy the Gemstones who shattered Pink Diamond. Blue Diamond, on behalf of Pink Diamond, wanted to preserve the bubbled Gemstones, the Zoo, and the Earth. Yellow Pearl opposed on Blue’s plan.

Minutes later, Agate, Ruby, and Sapphire came in. Agate informed the two Diamonds that Sapphire has delivered a human. Blue Diamond felt that there’s not enough time to gather all humans at the Zoo. Sapphire was able to convince them that there’s more time. The trio left the room leaving the Diamonds.

Agate saw Steven and Greg climbing into the Roaming Eye. Using her whip, she attempted to stop the duo, but Ruby and Sapphire blocked her. The latter fused to become Garnet and punched Agate, who threatened to inform the Diamonds. Pearl appeared telling Agate her incompetence. Thinking she might be punished by the two Diamonds, Agate decided to free them.

The Crystal Gems, Greg, and Steven then head back to Earth.

In the next episode this Friday, Feb. 10, it’s speculated that Connie, Lapis, and Peridot will be featured, wherein the trio will seem to face some kind of trouble on Earth.