'Steven Universe' season 4 spoilers, news: Steven finds out about Onion's secret friends in upcoming episode


Last week’s episode of “Steven Universe” saw Steven, Pearl and Amethyst going to a rock concert. On their way to the concert, the three stopped at a convenience store to get some drinks, and a mystery girl walked in. The girl made Pearl do a double take, as she had pink hair. Later, Steven said that the girl looked like his mom, Rose, and Amethyst said that’s why Pearl was acting in such an odd way.

The three ended up following the girl, and soon, they ran out of gas. Pearl was mad at herself for trying to be cool and said that she has lost her edge and she should have stayed home to work on the puzzle. Steven and Amethyst reassured her that she’s still hard-core, and they found out they were only a few steps away from the concert. They also found the mystery girl there, and Pearl made up her mind to talk to her. Steven and Amethyst thought that Pearl and the girl’s conversation was not going very well until Pearl walked up to them and showed them a slip of paper with the girl’s phone number.

This week’s episode titled “Onion Gang” will feature Steven’s silent friend, Onion, and in the episode, the show’s titular hero learns all about Onion’s secret friends.

Redditors speculate that this week’s offering might be a filler episode as it appears to deviate from Steven and the Crystal Gems’ story. In the animated series, Onion is Steven’s friend who never talks to anyone except his mother and father. The character is known for doing things to irritate Steven, such as stealing his food. He also exhibits a lot of delinquent and kleptomaniacal tendencies, which is thought to be his way of getting his father’s attention.

In the promo for episode 7, Onion spends the day at Steven’s house, and Steven narrates Onion’s actions as his friend roots around his cupboard and pulls out Steven’s favorite limited edition chips. Steven looks on as Onion opens the bag of chips and continues to narrate his every move.

“Onion smelled the chip, savoring its delicious aroma,” Steven says. “But no snack can satisfy his hunger…for power.”

“Steven Universe” episode 7 airs Thursday, Sept. 15 at 7 p.m. ET on Cartoon Network.