'Steven Universe' season 4 spoilers, news: Onion harbors mutated gems, turns them into his friends


A brand-new episode of “Steven Universe” season 4 is predicted to see Onion harboring mutated gems in his home and turning them into his friends.

According to reports, after “The Last One Out of Beach City,” which was deemed to be a filler episode, the upcoming installment dubbed as “Onion Gang” may be an interesting one as it sees the titular character putting protagonist Steven in another pickle.

Fans took to Reddit to theorize about the narrative, with some suggesting that Onion will have another go at messing with the gems. It can be recalled that back in freshman run, the episode “Onion Trade” featured him getting his hands on a gem artifact and multiplying items according to his whims. Afterward, he flooded the entire beach with toys and more gems resulting into more trouble.

The son of Yellowtail and Visalia and the half-brother of Sour Cream is deemed to turn the monsters from “Nightmare Hospital” into his friends as he keeps them inside the basement of their house.

Although the minor character is said to have a timid nature and only speaks to his parents comfortably, a new side of his personality will be seen with the arrival of his touted friends. He also enjoys volunteering to others but people sometimes abuse his offers of help. It may be interesting to see how he will react as he establishes a close connection with the monsters.

If it comes to fruition that Onion will be able to communicate with gem mutants, it could mean that Steven and Peridot may be able to save and revive the sanity of the corrupted gems. However, since there is no official synopsis yet, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Cartoon Network is assumed to have reshuffled the schedule of the upcoming installments and new ones such as “Gem Harvest” and “Tiger Philanthropist” still do not have release dates. On the other hand, “Onion Gang” is slated to air on Thursday, Sept. 15.