'Steven Universe' season 4 release date news, spoilers: Season 4 might be the last


Following a prolonged hiatus, spoilers from the internet have spread feelers that “Steven Universe” season 4 might be the last. The show’s rating plummeted which, apparently, led to its untimely long break following the earlier season. However, fans can get to enjoy their favorite animated series for more than an hour in the upcoming season.

“Steven Universe’s” season 4 returned with episode 8 titled “Gem Harvest” on Thursday, Nov. 17, on the Cartoon Network and it showcased the titular character’s additional power.

In the show’s storyline, the Steven Universe is living in the Crystal Gems. His mission is to preserve the peace in Crystal Gems world, and also to protect those residing in it from monsters. In “Gem Harvest,” Steven was allowed to willfully exert power over things like making vegetables talk and wander around.

The odd characters featured in the show add more zest to captivate the attention of its loyal fans. “I have big plans for that season! Endgame or not I’m shooting for the moon, I’m going to write us into a serious corner!” said creator Rebecca Sugar in a Newsarama interview.

Meanwhile, writer Lamar Adams tipped that the series should continue until season 5. He said that as long as Sugar wants him as the writer, then the show must still go on.

“Steven Universe” season 4 was said to have been pushed back in the benchwarmers multiple times in the past. Fans have already spread rumors that it would be a fake season series.

The show’s next episode, titled “Three Gems and a Baby,” will air next Thursday, Dec. 1, on the Cartoon Network.

Do avid fans really think “Steven Universe” season 4 will be the show’s last? Watch out for the freshest updates.