'Steven Universe' season 4 spoilers; episode titles and plots


After the phenomenal Stevenbomb event of the summer in which new season 3 episodes of “Steven Universe” aired daily from July 18 to Aug. 10, the new season of the Cartoon Network show started immediately, with the first episode of season 4 airing last Thursday, Aug. 11.

Season 4 kicked off with the episode titled “Kindergarten Kid,” with Steven and the Crystal Gems entering a cave full of corrupted Crystal Gems in cages. One of the monstrous creatures escaped after fighting off the Gems, and Garnet said that mistakes happen. Peridot boasted that she can probably do better fighting the monster alone, and she headed off to find the escaped being.

Steven went after Peridot to help her, and the corrupted Gem found them and knocked them to the ground. The two came up with several ways to defeat the monster, but none of them worked. Ultimately, Peridot was able to capture the corrupted Gem and seal it inside a stone. Then, she made a bubble to surround it and sent it home.

The second episode of the season is titled “Know Your Fusion,” and the episode aired on Aug. 12. The episode saw Steven and Amethyst fusing into Smoky Quartz, and Pearl and Garnet fused into Sardonyx to interview Smoky and see their skills.

The next episode which airs this week is titled “Buddy’s Book.” In the sneak peek for the episode, Steven and Connie ride Lion as they go to another world, and it is seen that they are heading towards the Buddwick Public Library. Connie can’t believe that this is the first time Steven will be visiting a library because books are his favorite things in the world. While at the library, the two uncover a long lost book

The fourth episode of the season is titled “Mindful Education,” wherein Steven and Connie learn to focus better to improve their training, while the next one is called “Future Boy Zoltron.” In the latter, Steven tries something new and tells people’s fortunes at Funland.

“Steven Universe” airs on Cartoon Network.