'Steven Universe' season 4 air date, spoilers: animated series to return next month?


After the showrunners of Cartoon Network’s popular animated series “Steven Universe” surprised fans by putting it on hibernation mode, many of them are longing for the show’s return.

Reports say that Steven and the gang will be back next month and it is expected to feature the episode titled “Gem Harvest.” It will be the current season’s eighth episode and is rumored to have a running time of a little over 20 minutes.

Though the information about the upcoming episode is scarce as of late, screenshots of the aforementioned episode hint that it’s likely to be in relation to Halloween as Steven and his Gem friends are harvesting pumpkins.

In the promo clip, the group is surprised when one of the pumpkins that are about to be harvested comes to life with dog-like characteristics. The live vegetation instantly likes Steven as it seems that it is longing to be petted by the kid protagonist. One of the gems felt jealous that the pumpkin dog was only interested in Steven.

In order to resolve the situation, Steven comes up with an idea that will hopefully pacify his friends. He picks up another pumpkin from the greenery and carves it right in front of everyone, including the pumpkin dog. As a result, the creature is terrified with what Steven did and eventually despises the boy hero. The pumpkin dog then runs toward the Gems, to their delight.

Meanwhile, it was previously noted that the network will be airing anti-bullying featurettes that have been produced by “Steven Universe” creator, Rebecca Sugar.

While it was aforementioned that “Steven Universe” is likely to continue next month, the definite date of release has not been made known.