'Steven Universe' season 4 air date, news: Next episode to air in January 2017


The fourth season of “Steven Universe” has been gaining a lot of attention due to the fact that its release dates are uncertain. However, fans can now rejoice as the new year brings about new episodes to one of the most popular cartoon series for Cartoon Network.

According to Tripped Media, Cartoon Network’s recent announcement for new episodes details that the series will be back for a week’s worth of new episodes, starting from Jan. 30 until Feb. 3.

Furthermore, it seems that the rest of season 4 will focus more on the relationship between Pearl and Rose. However, with fans still upset by the fact that no more “Steven Universe” episodes will be released until next year, it stands to reason for them to try and find an explanation.

The primary reason behind it is the fact that the showrunners of “Steven Universe” think that the episodes released in December did not contribute much to the show’s ratings. As such, they decided that the telecast of the show should be stopped for the time being since the show will compete with the other shows on the air, making the television landscape more chaotic.

The producers do not want more fans to be lost during the chaos of the holidays, hence the decision for them to stop releasing more episodes. According to Enstarz, the season 4 episodes of “Steven Universe” that were released this month and the previous month had bleak ratings.

“Three Gems and a Baby” only had 1.28 million viewers, which is less than almost 100,000 from its earlier rating. Also, “Gem Harvest” only had 1.38 million views, which is not much of an improvement. As such, a hiatus is only prudent in the showrunners’ perspective.

Regardless, the new episode of the “Steven Universe” season 4 will be first released on Jan. 30, 2017, and it will be called “Steven’s Dream.”