'Steven Universe' season 3 to arrive in July? Titles of remaining episodes revealed


Cartoon Network’s hit animated show “Steven Universe” is currently on a hiatus after airing its special event “In Too Deep,” and fans are said to be asking for more episodes for season 3.

After the aforementioned arc saw the release of the installments titled “Super Watermelon Island,” “Gem Drill,” “Same Old World,” “Barn Mates,” “Hit the Diamond,” and more recently “Steven Floats” back in May, an alleged promo for episode 7 titled “Too Short to Ride” is making its rounds in the rumor mill.

The apparent promo teases Peridot holding what could be a screen while doing strange motions, which seems to remind fans of “Power Rangers.” Meanwhile, another teaser reportedly came from the Cartoon Network Anything mobile app. Deemed to be an official one, the three-second footage shows Peridot embracing a green alien in slow motion.

According to a listing by a fan, the titles of the remaining episodes in the season 3 include “Drop Beat Dad,” “Mr. Greg,” “The New Lars,” “Beach City Drift,” “Restaurant Wars,” “Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service,” “Monster Reunion,” “Alone at Sea,” “Greg the Babysitter,” and “Gem Hunt.”

Moreover, the story of the titular protagonist continues with “Crack the Whip,” “Steven vs. Amethyst,” “Beta Part 1,” “Earthlings Part 2,” “Back 2 the Moon Part 3,” “Bubbled,” “The Kindergarten Kid,” “Gem Harvest,” “Know Your Fusion,” “Tiger Philanthropist,” and “Last One Out of the Beach City.”

The narrative is also predicted to show what happened to Russia after it went missing when Homeworld showed the map. Creator Rebecca Sugar also recently explained the importance of including LGBT-themed episodes in the show, which could mean further inclusion in future episodes.

When it comes to the air date for episode 7, Entertainment Weekly previously announced that the show may return to the small screen sometime between June to August. Since the month of June is already ending, rumors have it that it may arrive sometime in July. However, since there is no official word yet, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.